Sons Of Italy In America

LIBERTY, EQUALITY, FRATERNITY – The Order was founded in 1905 by Dr. Vincent Sellaro, its principal organizer; Giuseppe Carlino, a sculptor; Pietro Viscardi and Roberto Merlo, two barbers; Ludovico Ferrari, a pharmacist; and Antonio Marzullo, an attorney at law.

Initially, the Order worked to better the life of the early Italian immigrants by providing them with articulate leadership, responsible representation in civic matters, and economic institutions to function for its members.

Today, the Order seeks to address itself to the changing needs of its members. Scholarship grants, funded college aid and assistance programs, leadership in promoting more equitable immigration laws, intense activity in civic and local governmental programs, promoting a more positive tone in public relations to offset the rising tide of anti-defamation are part of the Order’s working programs.

The Order is an American organization, national in scope. Members are of Italian Heritage, which includes spouses, friends, relatives, and also includes those who are not of direct Italian lineage. The Order is a fraternal organization, educational, civic, social, and patriotic in character with members from all walks of life.

Our heritage gives us our common bond, but our accomplished deeds ensure the unity of Americans of Italian Heritage. We proudly set forth our aims, purposes and goals:

To promote the intellectual advancement of its members To render financial aid to those qualified to pursue intellectual endeavors To maintain and nurture the rich patrimony of our forefathers To encourage activity and participation on all levels of government To formulate and program constructive attitudes, to affirm with pride in the Italian name To maintain programs of mutual benevolence which are founded on humanitarian needs To promote social awareness and education so that the Order will be recognized in local communities To constantly promote the advancement of its members.



La Costa dei Fiori

Was organized in 1978. by a small group of persons with a common Italian heritage, who felt a need for a local organization where Americans of Italian descent, could meet in a social atmosphere to renew the rich aspects of their common heritage and to provide a forum for civic and charitable activities.

Most prominent among the organizers was Louis Petrella, who prior to relocating in north San Diego county had been an active member of Columbus Lodge #2143, O.S.I.A. in SO.FARMINGDALE, N.Y.

Gathering a small committee, Louis put in motion his idea of having an OSIA Lodge in north San Diego County. The idea was warmly received by many, and on October 22, 1978, the new lodge was installed at the San Diego Hilton Hotel with Mr. Petrella honored as its first president.

The madrina lodge (Mother Lodge) was the Fratellanza Garibaldina Lodge #1627 from San Diego. The La Costa dei Fiori Lodge #2424, located in Encinitas, began with 137 Charter Members…